Video of the Garrison Dam being built


Garrison Dam being built.  My Dad, Delmont Sagmiller  Help Build the Garrison Dam. His Home movies of the Garrison Dam being made. They Welded 2 Caterpillars together.  In memory of Delmont Sagmiller.

Garrison Dam is the fifth largest earthen dam structure in the United States. It backs up the third largest reservoir in the nation, Lake Sakakawea, named for the Lewis and Clark Expedition's Shoshone guide. Construction began in 1947 and it was seven years before it was finished. Cost: $300 million. Lake Sakakawea measures 178 miles in length, has 1,530 miles of shoreline and covers 382,000 surface acres. It contains about 32 percent of the stored water in the Missouri River mainstream system of dams. Its shores are home to numerous state parks, private resorts and cabins. Its purpose: the generation of hydro electric power, flood control, irrigation, recreation, municipal and industrial water supply and downstream navigation. For an average year, the five generating units have a combined annual output of 2,600,000 megawatt hours of electricity The spillway has 28 gates, each gate 29 feet by 40 feet, with water released hitting a possible 75 miles per hour.

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